Simin Wu Cobalt in Singapore Many people wonder - what makes a good recruiter?

Simin Wu, Real Estate Recruiter at Cobalt Recruitment in Singapore responds.


I think 3 words sum it up well - Passion, Discipline and Fun.


Recruitment is all about a passion for people. You've got to love talking to people, meeting people, listening to people and most importantly, understanding them. This includes clients and candidates, as well as industry peers and contacts. Being passionate about people means being on the phone and networking all the time, speaking with old contacts and making new ones through headhunting, referrals and also cold calling sometimes.


It's important to have a routine and fixed schedule so you don't lose sight of what you're doing. Mornings are great for calling up clients and candidate, as well as chasing on CVs sent. Meetings are slotted into the non-core hours (noon, late evening). These non-core hours are also used for writing up the profiles of candidates to be sent out to clients for specific roles. During the core work hours, we are on the phone constantly, hunting for new candidates and screening them for the jobs we have on.


After a hard day's work, Cobaltians love to kick back, enjoy a beverage or two, and unwind with the team. We also go on company retreats and team bonding activities like movie night, bowling, Lunch Club, BBQs, Escape Room Games and darts. In short, we work hard and play hard!

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