Hema Lata, Cobalt Recruitment Hema Lata, Intern at Cobalt Recruitment shares her experiences of her 2 month internship with Cobalt.

Having interned at a recruitment consultancy for almost 3 months now, I can tell you that contrary to popular belief, recruiting is not an easy job and neither is it something anyone can do.

A typical day in the office for consultants at Cobalt Recruitment involves interviewing candidates, getting in touch with clients, sourcing for new opportunities, reviewing applications and CVs and going for meetings to discuss the vacancies they need to fill. While their jobs are made interesting due to the candidates and clients they get to interact with, the amount of other responsibilities leave them with jam-packed schedules. This makes time-management the most important and challenging part of their jobs.

Apart from keeping up to date with their tasks, recruiters also have to effectively cope with the myriad of clients and candidates. They face everyday challenges such as language barriers, getting hold of busy clients, building and managing a good relationship with clients and candidates, encouraging candidates to be transparent with them, and building trust with clients.

Despite these challenges, the consultants often describe their job as fun, rewarding, exciting, fulfilling, and challenging.

Wanting to know more about their job, I asked the consultants to share some of their experiences with me and got some great responses:

“I had a client who shared with me his perspectives on investment and market information. He shared cutting edge news and told me how I can judge market performances. These are things I cannot learn from the Internet and it was one of the most interesting conversations I had with a client.”

“One of my clients took me on an office tour to show me the actual working conditions in their office. They showed me their pantry, gym, and helped me understand the environment there. It helped me a lot because I can tell my candidates what it is like to work at the company and I can see if I can picture my candidate working there.”

“I like my job because I get to interact with people from all walks of life. If provides me with learning opportunities - more than what I can get from other jobs. This is because of my candidates and clients who are the biggest information providers that I can get. I get to learn a lot about other industries through my job as a recruiter.”

“The best part of my job is the satisfaction I get when a client or candidate comes back to me to say ‘Thank You’.”

Speaking to the consultants at Cobalt Recruitment has also helped me learn that although it may be true that there is a perceived low entry barrier to become a recruiter, it takes a lot of hard work, passion, determination and persistence to be a good recruiter.

Finally, one thing that my internship experience has taught me about recruitment is that whether you are looking for a job or looking for a candidate to fill a vacancy at your company, engaging the help of a recruiter may be extremely useful.

Good recruiters know their market, their clients and their candidates well. They are always ready to help you but the role of the jobseeker is important too! If you are working with a recruiter, be sure of what you want and try not to change your mind constantly. Most importantly, be patient. Building a good relationship with the recruiter you are working with will help them understand your requirements and hopefully, get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

So if you are on a job hunt or looking for suitable candidates to fill vacancies at your company, do contact the friendly consultants at Cobalt Recruitment right away!