Nam Article written by Tran Hoang Nam 

I have had the very fortunate opportunity to intern at Cobalt Recruitment, a recruitment firm specialising in Property, Construction & Engineering and Finance industries. It has been a real eye-opening experience as I have been exposed to the real working environment and am now familiar with the recruitment industry and have gained skills that may prove to be invaluable for my future career. Below is a very brief account of my takeaways from the short but fulfilling stay with Cobalt Singapore.

Getting employed is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays, but it is staying in the ideal job that proves to be the real challenge. There are many elements that make up an ideal job: the industry, the working environment, your colleagues, the leadership style and the company structure. All these elements make the task of identifying the most suitable profession seemingly impossible to most jobseekers. They are inevitably ill-informed of the market conditions and likewise, employers lack sufficient database to source the most applicable candidates. Reducing the subsequent costs resulted from this mismatch of information is the role recruiters play.

Since Cobalt Recruitment started in 2001, it has been expanding and is now a prominent specialist recruiter in the fields of Property, Construction & Engineering and Financial Services in Singapore. From the builders, the designers and engineers of a building to its managers and investors, Cobalt Recruitment is actively involved in hiring for all phases of the construction life cycle. They work with a range of companies, from major A1 and A2 grade contractors to high-profile real estate firms, investment funds, as well as financial institutions. 

At Cobalt, a recruiter’s job is to ensure happiness for three parties: the clients, the candidates and in the process, the recruiters themselves. Being the vanguards of the industry, they are the first to pick up any signal in performances and subsequently the demand and supply for employment, which serves to be invaluable information. It is not only the fees but also the sense of responsibility and the realization of their role in the market that drive the professional recruiters at Cobalt towards achieving more success. Generating long-lasting and profitable contracts between employers and employees is what they strive for and the very reason Cobalt is established in the first place.

Overall, the internship at Cobalt has been a truly enriching experience through which I came to understand a lot more about the unfamiliar recruitment industry, as well as the construction and real estate sector in Singapore, and most importantly developed my essential skills. I learnt about how to interview and profile candidates, conduct market research and attended client meetings. The friendly Cobalt Singapore team has made every day in office really enjoyable, and I have learned much about having fun at work whilst getting the job done seriously and professionally. The recruitment world is a special industry and Cobalt Recruitment in particular is a special company.

If you’re interested in a career at Cobalt then please take a look at our Work For Us page or contact Marcus Davies Bateman on +(65) 6829 7224 for more information on internships and full time roles in recruitment services.