Senior Consultant - Finance & Accounting

Dipti Soni

About me

Describe your area of expertise and experience?

I am responsible for hiring for Finance & Accounting professionals for Fund Admins, Private Equity and Venture Capital in Singapore.

How would you describe your approach to work?

I would describe my work style as well-planned and highly mapped out. I have an adaptive approach where I like to work together with my team, clients and candidates and adapt as per their requirements while providing a very consultative approach.

Why do your clients, candidate and colleagues trust you and want to work with you?

I believe my clients, candidate and colleagues trust me because I have a very collaborative approach where I try my best to understand my client needs and business goals and how to accomplish the goals. I also make sure that I am very transparent in my communication while providing sincere feedbacks or any concerns.

What do you love about working at Cobalt Recruitment?

I’ve known Cobalt even before joining the organisation. It’s been two years since I’ve been a part of the Cobalt family, and I love working here because of the flexibility and the trust our management has towards their employers. I also love the fact that I’m lucky to be part of the organisation that is a great market leader in our area of expertise.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love networking and building relationships. The best part of my job is communication with different type of individuals and always learning something new from them. I love the fact that I can help my clients hire for unique positions. I also love being an integral part of my candidate’s life where I am involved in supporting them to make decisions in terms of career, compensation or even location.

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