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‘Screen Time’: How to prepare for a Video Interview

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Article posted by Aji Abu

​With the effect of Coronavirus being felt across the world, businesses are implementing business continuity plans and moving towards remote working. It is becoming more important to understand how best to convey yourself without face-to-face interaction. These tips and tricks will help you prepare for video interviews, so you will feel just as confident going into the process as you would in person.

Test your ‘Set’ (Technology and Equipment)

  • Check your internet, video and audio connection in advance.

  • Use a wired LAN connection instead of Wi-Fi, if possible. 

  • Use a laptop/desktop instead of a handheld device.

  • Make sure you have no other apps/windows open.

  • Sit at a table and position the camera correctly or find objects that can elevate your laptop. 

  • Ensure there is distance between yourself and the screen. You want your face and the top of both shoulders visible.

Your ‘Stage’ (Environment)

  • Optimise the lighting as much as possible and ensure that there are no shadows cast over your face. 

  • Keep your surroundings clear and tidy. You don’t want people seeing your laundry!  

  • Keep a copy of your CV and glass of water by you.    

  • Find a quiet place to do your video interview/conference.  Notify those around you.

‘Sound’ check

  • Turn on the air-conditioning and avoid using a fan as they tend to interfere with the clarity of your mic. 

  • Invest in a headset where the mic is closer to you.

  • Do a proper sound and video check with a friend or family before the interview. 

Prepare and Rehearse

  • Prepare as you normal.  Think about how you can add value to the role and company.

  • Do not to be rigid with your answers and act as natural as possible. 

  • Prepare some questions that you want to ask the interviewer. 

  • Take notes and let the interviewer know what you are doing.  Don’t spend too much time looking down or to the side.  

Break the Ice

  • Introduce yourself and engage in conversation.  You do not want to come across as robotic. 

  • Get to know your interviewer and ask questions.

  • Do not interrupt the interviewer.  Allow for delays in communication.

Dress for Success

  • To be taken seriously, dress as if you were meeting your interviewer in person.

  • Plan your outfit according to the industry you are hoping to work in.

  • Make sure you look clean and professional.

 Body Language and Eye Contact

  • Use hand gestures although do not go over the top. 

  • Keep your body language open and act confidently.

  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer or find a point on the screen where you feel comfortable focusing on. 

Smile and be yourself!

  • Smile!  This changes how you look and sound.  You want your personality to shine through and radiate positivity. 

  • Be aware of your expressions and emotions.

Follow Up

  • Add a personal touch by following up with an email thanking the interviewer for their time. 

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